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Waxidents Box

Waxidents Box

Waxidents are wax melts that don't look perfect but still smell just as great as normal! These may be broken, discoloured or not as full as they should be. These are discounted due to their imperfect look.


You will receive £10 worth of wax melts for only £5!

(Based on the weight and price of normal wax melts)


You will receive random shaped melts in a variety of fragrances. Different fragrances will be individually sealed.


    Remove all packaging & place your wax melt into the well of your wax burner.

    Use with an unscented tea light.



    Keep out of reach of children & pets.

    Do not expose to draughts.

    Do not move whilst lit.

    Never leave a burning candle unattended & not for more than 4 hours.

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