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Vinyl Storage Labels

Vinyl Storage Labels

The perfect addition to keep your wax melts, tea lights & candles organised in style!


You can also add a name to personalise your labels!


Label dimension:

Height - 3cm

Length - 'Candles' 7.5cm, 'Wax Melts' 10cm, 'Tea Lights' 10cm


Not suitable for dishwasher. Do not soak in water.


How to apply the vinyl label:

  • Make sure the surface you are applying the label to is clean & dry
  • Rub the vinyl with your nail or bank card to ensure it is fully stuck to the transfer paper
  • Slowly remove backing from vinyl, leaving the label on the transfer paper
  • Place label on desired surface & press down firmly over the whole label, removing any air bubbles
  • Slowly peel transfer paper away, leaving the vinyl label on your item!
    £1.60 Regular Price
    £1.20Sale Price
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